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Mission and values

Sophini... eat Veggies easily!

Sophini stands for foods that have been refreshed with fresh vegetables (or fruit). The original product remains the hero. So that you can continue to eat it as you are used to, only now with the rich benefits of fresh vegetables (or fruit). Of course, the fresh vegetables (or fruit) come from a sustainable chain, where possible local veggies and/or veggies from residual flows.

The nutritional values are preserved as much as possible due to our mild processing. And the ingredient list is understandable and simple. Without any tricks. Preferably the foods can be prepared quickly and easy. And with the colours of nature, it sparkles on your plate. That is eating with a smile.

Sophini.. so you can eat with pleasure and get an extra dose of healthy nutrients. That is good for you and good for the farmer.

Sophini is a brand of Sophyn Greens. With our passion for agriculture and the philosophy that consuming enough fruit and vegetables should be easy and tasty, we are driven to develop more foods with the goodness of fruit and vegetables. We say every day, there is so much more that can be done with fruit and vegetables.

Our production process

Natural ingredients and a simple solid process – that's Sophini

At Sophini, we believe in scalability of production, but also recognize that too much scale limits being resilient. We believe that it is important to remain agile, in order to adapt our process to the natural variation of our raw materials.

The selection of the ingredients for the pasta is for us the start of our production process. We find it very important that we source the vegetables from a sustainable chain (local, residual flows), and with this in mind that they are grown with as few unnatural resources as possible. That is why we carefully check our vegetables on whether there are any pesticides used and/or present. We invest in our relationship with growers, so that we understand how our vegetables are treated. The same applies, of course, to the flour; here, too, we are critical. After all, it is these ingredients that make our pasta so delicious and special!

Our main ingredients:

Fresh vegetables: we wash, peel and cut the unprocessed vegetables. This is then heated in water to be able to puree. As a result, some nutrients are lost. This also happens at home when you cook the vegetables – and that is no different with us. Fortunately, a lot of them are still preserved.

Flour: Sophini works with different bases to match the vegetable and match the appearance. For example, we work with real durum – this is hard grain with a relatively large amount of protein – with which high-quality pastas are made. But we also use wheat flour, wholemeal spelt (fibre) or corn (gluten-free), as well as legume flour.

The vegetable puree and flour are mixed and pressed through the extruder. The choices of the mold determine the choice of shape. This can be macaroni, fusilli, penne or other forms.

After this, the pasta is dried and packaged. To preserve colour, we opt for a closed packaging, with minimal amount of window. We choose packaging consisting out of one type of material, so that it can be recycled.

The pasta finds its way to the various customers.

After a short preparation time, the pasta on your plate is ready to be eaten! Enjoy your meal!



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