Pasta with a handful of real fresh vegetables

Pasta like pasta should taste,

with 35% real fresh vegetables!

Pasta like pasta should taste, but a feast on your plate.

Enjoy our delicious pasta at home!

Sophini… eat Veggies easily!

Sophini stands for foods that have been refreshed with fresh vegetables (or fruit). The original product remains the hero. So that you can continue to eat it as you are used to, only now with the rich benefits of fresh vegetables (or fruit). Of course, the fresh vegetables (or fruit) come from a sustainable chain, where possible local veggies and/or veggies from residual flows.

The nutritional values are preserved as much as possible due to our mild processing. And the ingredient list is understandable and simple. Without any tricks. Preferably the foods can be prepared quickly and easy. And with the colours of nature, it sparkles on your plate. That is eating with a smile.

Sophini.. so you can eat with pleasure and get an extra dose of healthy nutrients. That is good for you and good for the farmer.


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Our product

With a handful of real vegetables

processed within the fusilli

35% Spinach

Source of vitamin K and minerals

we make pasta the way pasta should taste like with the rich benefits of vegetables.



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